The People’s “Union”. A Union-of-People: trading energy with the SYSTEM

Imagine you are playing a special GAME-of-MONOPOLY, in which you, and everyone-else, work to earn the “play-money”. In this “imaginary-GAME”, the Banker has “set-things-up” so that [s]he doesn’t have to work. As per the actual rules of MONOPOLY, the banker can-create as much money as [s]he wishes, by simply using blank pieces of paper!

In other words, you must “spend-time”, and “burn-energy” to earn a few pounds, while the banker can create-all-[s]he-needs by simply using a pen, and some paper.

Welcome to the SYSTEM of BANKING, CREDIT, and “GOVERNMENT-BORROWING”. A SYSTEM in which all TAX, paid by you, is used to re-pay the money-created-from-no-thing, by BANKS, which in turn are part of a privately-owned, and privately-controlled, Banking System.

Does that sound like a fair and balanced GAME? Is it the kind of GAME you want to be playing?
Would you fancy your chances of winning such a GAME?

So why, as the species ([wo]man) allegedly graced with the highest-levels-of-intelligence in the universe, are you going along with it; why are you playing their GAME?

Politicians tell us that we “need the BANKS”. Afterall, without BANKERS we couldn’t possibly have this beloved Banking-System?
Apparently we need the BANKS because they give-us “confidence”.

” The financial crisis of 2007/08 occurred because we failed to constrain the private financial system’s creation of private credit and money.” Lord Adair Turner, Chairman of the Financial Services Authority.

But BANKSTERS have shown themselves to be some of the most corrupt, conniving, underhanded-pirates on the face of the planet, and they don’t appear to give a rat’s-arse about said planet, or the general populus. Remember; you bailed them out because “they” (Bankers) were more than happy to gamble your future-financial-security, and for that matter; the entire “SYSTEM”, in order to make a quick-buck and line-their-own-pockets. A wise man once said:


“Give a man a gun, and he can rob-a-bank. Give a man a BANK, and he can rob-the-world.”


Did you know that the actual GAME of MONOPOLY has two sets of rules? It does!
Do you want to know why you were unaware of this fact?
Answer: because you’ve never read the rules!

We recognise; it is people, just like you, that in-turn make this current Banking SYSTEM real. Because without you, there is NO SYSTEM, NO GOVERNMENT, NO BANKING-SYSTEM and NO MONEY! “Money” is a concept – and what you pass around “as-money”, is not money.

So why play-a-part in this current-style of Banking SYSTEM, which abuses you, and works against you? That makes no-sense. And since “Money” is just a concept, why not change the GAME?

Why play along with a privately-owned-and-controlled-Monetary-System which places BANKERS in the most powerful position of all; a position which enables them to create-“money”-at-will, (by merely tapping on a keyboard) [eg., Quantative-Easing], whilst you have to waste/spend time, and burn energy, in order to achieve the same results, albeit in vastly smaller amounts?

Ever wondered why Bankers have so much “money”?

The simple truth is: your ignorance of “money” and how it really works, has resulted in you being “played”, in order to make you “think” that you have no power, and that you are indebted to the Banks! But that “power-play” is nothing more than a sleight-of-hand. An illusion. And what you think of as being debt, isn’t!

We know that sounds weird. But it’s true!

From the film THE MATRIX:

Morpheus: “The human body generates more bio-electricity than a 120-volt battery, and over 25,000 BTU’s of body heat. Combined with a form of “fusion”, the “machines” had found all the energy they would ever need.

And standing there, facing the pure horrifying precision, I came to realize the obviousness of the truth.

What is the Matrix?


The Matrix is a … “dream-world”, built to keep us under-control, in order to change a human being into this.”[He holds up a copper-top D cell battery]

And that, friends, is precisely what the BANKING system has done to you! They turned you into a slave, paying up to 80% of your lifetime earnings in unnecessary TAXES. They turned you into a battery!

Only a slave wears Collar, Cuffs and Neck-tie! Think about it.

Are there solutions?


For example: in the film A Beautiful Mind, we are shown the mathematically-proven basis for making “optimum” decisions: Watch selected clip Here

In short, there is a better way. A way of creating “money” which benefits-everyone and not just the few.
Our aim is to help bring-about the changes-necessary to place the control of “money” back in the hands of the people, for the benefit of all people on planet earth.
Changing the party which issues the “money” is, however, not the be-all and end-all.

This is just the beginning, and you must remain forever vigilant. You have been tricked once. Never allow yourselves to ever be tricked again!
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When the time is right, and the numbers are in place: We will (like the system based trade-unions) ...
Go on Strike: Watch selected clip Here (and look-out for a familiar face around 1 min 55 Seconds ;O)
Parental Warning [the particular music video linked, does contain some bad language]. Please note: despite the video containing some bad language, we are peaceful. We leave the violence to bankers!

Gandhi successfully employed a policy of peaceful-non-compliance. In other words: he, and the people, went on strike to make a point, and bring about positive change.

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