Here are some common questions people ask about Universal Trade Union

What’s it
All About?

What is the purpose of the Universal Trade Union?

The purpose of the UTU is to enlighten people, just like you, as to the effects and implications of this thing we call “money”. Our goal is simple: we wish to change the party which has control of, and the power to issue: “money”. In so doing, we believe that we can eradicate the need for taxation, thereby improving the financial situation for each and every one of you, on blighty.

Thirdly, and by way of a back-up plan, we wish to encourage the exchange of skills, energy, time, amongst people, via a platform which is entirely distinct from that which currently flies the “Union-Jack”. [“Jack” as in “jack-speak”, meaning seafarers slang – operating on the seas of commerce, in the adversarial-jurisdiction of Admiralty].

We are soon to be launching (excuse the pun), a trading and skills-exchange platform; so stay-tuned for that.

Is the UTU anything to do with the WeRe Bank?

In a word: NO! The UTU is a union, a collective. WeRe Bank is a “Bank”. Whilst WeRe Bank highlights the nature of the current banking scam, we do not believe it encourages the right “ethos” among people.

If the rumours are true, then some people are purportedly buying WeRe-Bank-cheque-books, with the intention of increasing their consumption, and in some cases, people have allegedly attempted to purchase things like sports cars, and such like.

The UTU has no affiliation whatsoever with the WeRe Bank.

Who controls the printing of money now?

Money is issued, and controlled by: a privately owned Banking System. A Banking System which owes its allegiance(s) to, private “hidden” interests.

But that Banking System cannot exist with you! Watch the build-up video, and the Webinar to learn more. And note the initials (BS)! It’s all in the words.

When will we all go on strike?

When the time is right, and when we have the numbers, we will then be in a position to consider a universal-strike. How will that translate itself into actions? The answer is very simple. As and when we call a strike, you simply do nothing. In other words: you will not be working that day!

A one-day strike is fairly easy to arrange, and would no doubt make a point. But a one-day strike may not be enough to encourage change. True change comes from within, and a prolonged strike, would require preparation. The hope is, that as people wake-up to the scam, they will experience a change. Their priorities will change, as we, and most of you, have experienced.

The trading platform, coupled with sound education, preparation, and planning with regards to the provision of food supplies, may negate the need for a strike altogether. In other words, if those wishing to see a continuance of the current state-of-play with regards to business, the economy, and government, fail to move with the times, and the changing awareness and wishes of the population, then that way of life may cease to be, altogther. It will become extinct.

The determining factor in how this plays itself out will undoubtedly rest with the numbers coming to this site. So get the word out!

If government controls the money supply, who controls government?

You control government! You’ve always had the ability to do so. You just haven’t exercised the level of control that was required to keep them in check. And the reason you haven’t exercised an appropriate level of control is because you’re busy with other things. You have been kept busy on purpose; chasing the buck, in order to pay the bills, and the debt, and the taxes.

Why do you think politicians haven’t come forward to suggest what we’re suggesting? Afterall, it’s so simple.

By changing the party which issues the money, we can do away with tax. By doing away with tax, we can free up your time. With more time on your hands, you can pay greater attention to what the servants (public servants) are up to.

There is always a risk that those with thei rfingers on the button, will want to create, and steal, the money. But we have that now! The problem is; the privately owned Banking System is more-often-than-not, beyond scrutiny.

Government, is not beyond scrutiny, and must never be allowed to become: beyond scrutiny. It MUST be transparent; always. Only you can insist upon transparency. We wish to give you the time: to play, to learn, to grow, to develop, and to scrutinise.

How Does
it Work?

How will you keep us informed?

When you subscribe, we will ask you for an email address. We will keep you informed by email. When we have news to share, we will most likely create a video, and you will receive an email with links to the video. The website will be updated from time to time: the next major launch will involve the launch of the trading platform.

Does this work internationally?

Yes. All countries signed up to the International Monetary Fund are affected by the virus we commonly call banking. As a double check, simply ask yourself: do I pay tax? If the answer is “yes”, you have your answer!

What’s the
Next Step?

How do I get involved?

Simply spread the word, and encourage friends & family members to watch both the build-up video, and the webinar. Encourage them to learn about money. People spend so much of their time chasing money, they should atleast know how it works! Right?

Can I donate to help the cause?

Yes you can. Donate buttons are located throughout the site. It’s a lonely job at times, and your donations help us to make new, and interesting videos, training materials, and such like. Please accept our gratitude.

What are
The Risks?

Can I get into trouble for joining the UTU?

You’re already in trouble. You’re in it up to your neck. You, and your offspring, are in a cycle of perpetual debt, created from thin-air.

If you seriously believe that you can “get-into-trouble” for wishing to improve the life-experience of everyone on blighty, including public-servants, then what does that say about your government?

If you are that scared of those employed, by you, to serve you, then you have some serious soul searching to do, and some serious questions to ask yourself.Governments should be afraid of the people. In other words: public servants should concentrate on doing their jobs, as opposed to improving their pension packages!

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