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The System Of Change


The Problem

“Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. Bankers own the earth; take it away from them but leave them with the power to create credit and with a flick of a pen they will create enough money to buy it back again… If you want to be slaves of bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let the bankers control money and control credit. Take this great power away from them and all great fortunes like mine will disappear, and they ought to disappear, for then this would be a better and happier world to live in.”

Sir Josiah Stamp, Director, Bank of England, 1940


The Solution

  • Remove the power to create money and credit from the privately owned banking system.
  • Have government create the ‘money’; of the people, by the people, for the benefit of all people.
  • Re-define the meaning of ‘Wealth’, to include: time, energy, and the relationships we create and maintain.
  • Re-define the meaning of ‘Value’, to include: what you do with your time and energy, placing greater emphasis on the intention and purpose in everything you do.

The Way Ahead

  • Zero Taxation
  • The ability to keep all currency generated by you [you are a current (of-the-sea) generator; a currency-creator]
  • The best public-services on the face of the planet
  • The best care-system
  • No more funding-issues
  • No Inflation.
  • Realistic ability to retire-early
  • Increased Wealth: more time to invest in maintaining your valued relationships with friends and loved ones.

What’s Covered in The Webinar?

We’re going to show you that which is hidden-in-plain-site: theMATRIX, the-CON, the-TRICK; that which has been pulled down over your eyes to blind-you from the-truth, and reduce-you to the status-of-“SLAVE”.

  • On 21st September 1931, the UK government passed Bill 227, or Bill 277 (depending where you look) a.k.a. The Gold Standard (Amendment) Act.
    It severed, all remaining ties which Bank-Notes had with the precious-metal allegedly backing each and every one of them.
  • On 5th June 1933, in the UNITED STATES: House of Joint Representatives 192 severed all ties between Bank-Notes and precious metal.
  • In 1934 the Game of Monopoly was born.
  • On the front of the Monopoly-Box you can often find a cartoon likeness of JP Morgan, the well-known Banker.

What were the makers of ‘MONOPOLY’ trying to tell you?

The game of monopoly has two-sets-of-rules, but the chances are you didn’t know that. You were probably taught how to play the-GAME, by your parents, and they in turn were taught by their parents. Never before, until now perhaps, have you ever thought to question the “rules”. Yet there they are – two sets of rules – the ‘short version’, and the ‘long version’. Clearly stated within the rules, you will find words to the effect: when you run out of money, simply grab some paper and create some more.

The funny thing is: this is precisely how it works in what we call “real-life”!

Just think, throughout your working-life you seek to collect their currency: (notes) or electronic-digits; offering in exchange: your time-and-energy. But the true-value is you, your time: the now, the present, the GIFT, the current, and your energy. It is you that gives credibility to their worthless-paper/computer-digits.

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“Money” (as you know it) requires nothing more than your CON-fi-DENCE, Faith and Belief, to make it real. Because it isn’t real!

Have you ever looked closely at a Bank Note?

It is a promise-to-pay-money, and we these notes “CASH”.
When you pop along to the BANK to borrow some money, do you sign a piece of paper (Credit Agreement) promising to re-pay the money? Answer: Yes!
What does the piece of paper become once you sign it? Answer: an instrument treated as CASH (for accounting-purposes)!
Then you hand the promise-to-pay-money to the Banker.
So who loans who the CASH?
Why do you think you promise to re-pay money in the agreement?
Answer: because you already PAID once, the moment you handed over the CASH.
You made a deposit-of-CASH (or “CASH-equivalent”). The re-payments, are a GIFT from you to the BANK.
You GIFT to the BANK, that which was gifted to you (the-present)[time/energy]
Pure and simple.
You GIFT them the now. The present. The current. The electricity. The current-of-the-sea (you are 75% water). Energy-in-the-now: The one-true-currency.

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You close this page – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You attend the webinar – you stay in Wonderland and we show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes, in relation to: money, banking and loans.

We’ll also explain our suggested solution: in-greater-depth.

The Videos

Welcome, Introduction, Ground Rules, Agenda,
How i got into this.
The Ming Vase
Money as Debt: The Goldsmith’s Tale
The National Debt & Taxation
Why are We paying Tax?

A Union of People: a collective, and, a means of trading with each other
Goal: to inspire. When time is right, if necessary, we strike. But we prepare
for it. Goodwill can create the “money” – which means an intention/energy-vibe quite distinct from “debt-as-money”.
The Accounting Entries – Debits & Credits – the “T” Bar.
Create a New Market Place. The only reason we measure things now is
because we are afraid of getting screwed – there is no trust – which is ironic
considering how money works and who we are forced to trust!

Why doesn’t government issue it’s own notes?
What Money is, and what Money isn’t – Key Attributes
Security & The Finance Curse, and Film Clips
The Universal Trade Union

UTU is a stepping-stone to something else: one step at a time.
Ultimately, we could have: an economy where we do away with money,
because we are the money.
False “needs” are created by marketing
Questions & Close

Security & The Finance Curse

Check the meaning of the word “security”
A ‘security’ provides ‘greater assuredness of performance’
Oral contract – not worth the paper it’s written on.
The paper is the security.
The Finance Curse Interview perfectly explains this.
There is no money, merely an exchange of “securities”
Securities are securities: in banking, the words used, to
describe different types of security, are altered/varied. This
throws you off the scent.

Religion of Banking

In the GAME/Religion of BANKING, where CORPORATIONS are authorized to engage in BANKING work, and all BANKERS are engaged in “Double-Entry” accounting (ie: you get-screwed twice): the currency is DEBT;
G0ds “chosen-people” could therefore be described as those to whom the debt-is-due.
Debt creates the vibe/energy: ‘i-want’ “you owe me something”, “I’ve been hard-done-by”.
Money is issued in denominations.
Denominations can be found in religion.

Videos Mentioned During the webinar

The Finance Curse

I cannot praise this guy enough. The fact that RT put this out is a huge move forward, and says to me that people, everywhere, are beginning to recognise the sham that is “money”. Money, and especially debt masquerading as money, is nothing more than a control mechanism: the strings which pull the puppet. The Bankers have positioned themselves as puppet master, and you, have been cast the role of puppet. Professor Richard Werner explains it perfectly (using the correct terms). Listen carefully to what he says. Banks do not loan money. End of story. End of the fairytale.

Godfrey Bloom

It’s not often you hear a politician speak openly about the monetary system, let alone with such passion, vigour, and humour. But here is Godfrey doing just that. Forget the fact he was a UKIP MEP, what he’s saying is bang on, and good on him for doing so. I particularly like the faces being pulled by the EU bureaucrats – as if to say “what are you talking about”. If they have no idea how money works, then how can these people possibly claim to be qualified for the job which they’re doing? Or does qualification matter not?

The River of Slime

The business of banking is not limited to the building you see on the high street. It’s not even the staff. The true business of banking is hidden.

For within every banking transaction is a flow of charged energy, in the form of currency [current of the sea flows]. We exchange our time/energy for currency (notes/digits), by going out to work. Our creative energy which was positive, has been used (for the most part) to propagate something which is generally negative (the pursuit of profit for a CORPORATION) and thus our positively-charged-creative-energy, becomes negative in its intent.

We in turn bank this negatively-charged-intention-currency into current-accounts, and or use it to re-pay loans and debt.

Banks in turn, send this negative-currency up the line, by exchanging it with International Banks. Paper, signed by you for loans and mortgages is sold on, and moves up the chain. The negative energy flows, and converges, as it moves up the chain. Chains:Slavery.

The Temple of Banking.

Money is of the mind; a concept. You have two temples, one either side of your head. Don’t you just love it!

The Goldsmiths Tale

This video perfectly explains how the currency we exchange-currently, is not “money”, but is in fact a debt, owed to us, which in turn, the Banks NEVER pay! This “money”, forms part of the National Debt, which you, we, everybody, is re-paying with time and energy.

From the ages of 18 – 68, you have to work before you can claim state pension [pen-sion]. The pen is mightier than the sword. Take the “S” from the end of WORDS, move it to the beginning, and now I have a SWORD.

  • 8 Hours per day, 5 days a week, 48 weeks per annum, for 50 years. That’s what you will typically work. And during your lifetime, you will GIFT up to 80% of that “in”-vestment via the payment of taxes.
  • Ment – Mente – “of the mind”. You are only paying TAX in your mind.
  • There is NO money hence NOTHING is actually paid.
  • To “vest” means ‘to turn something into church-property’
  • What is the “church” you are vesting property into?
  • Answers on a post-card please, or email x

A Beautiful Mind

It cannot be by chance, that this film features the mathematically proven principle
“Decisions should be made on the basis of what’s good for you, and for the group”


Whether you believe the language of the universe is mathematics, or love, then this principle holds true.


The Universal Trade Union advocates the application of this principle. If we each seek to take the number-one-spot, then the result must be conflict, for “there can be only one” [Highlander].


However, if we take a step back, we can all take second place, and share the abundance which exists upon this planet. By changing the way in which money is “issued”, we can all win, all benefit, and all experience a positive outcome.

The Robin Hood Tax

This fantastic video emphasizes the sheer scale of the banking industry and the digits which have been created from “thin-air”; all within the control of the bankers.

Abundance exists on this planet. Unfortunately, bankers want it all for themselves, and the mere suggestion that a slither, or splattering, of that abundance could-be, should-be, shared to relieve world poverty is met with outrage, shock, and horror.


One word: Greed.


And you want these guys to lead the way? Are you kidding me?


You can download the powerpoint here

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